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Snap Pea Microgreens - Fresh/Local Delivery Only

Snap Pea Microgreens - Fresh/Local Delivery Only

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SNAP PEA MICROGREENS are a fun-to-eat superfood! Our snap pea microgreens taste like peas and have a nice little crunch in the thicker part of the stem and an earthy flavor. Did you know that ONE single cup of pea microgreens can provide an adult half of their daily recommended dose of Vitamin C? And they are versatile. They can be added to almost anything or eaten plain.

Add them to salad, atop soups, on sandwiches, as a garnish for cooked dishes such as fish and meat!

Lead Time: 10 days
  • We are custom growers so we will be planting this just for you. It will take approximately 10 days to plant, grow and harvest these delicious greens for you. Then we deliver them to you on the next delivery day available. If you order a subscription, we will contact you to ask you if you prefer Tuesdays versus Fridays for your ongoing deliveries.  

Nutritional info:
  • High Vitamin A, C
  • High Iron
  • Rich in phytoestrogens
  • High in fiber
  • High in folate and Vit.
  • High in chlorophyll (about 20%)
  • High in Protein
Used Medicinally For:
  • Reduction in macular degeneration that leads to eye disorders.
  • Speedier wound healing.
  • Reduction in asthma symptoms caused by air pollution.
  • Better processing of glucose and insulin.
  • Promotes neurotransmitter production which could help to regulate mood.
  • Increases blood oxygen levels to prevent anemia
  • Could improve heart health, bone health, and may reduce the risk of carcinogenesis inside the body.
  • Lower the risk of breast cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis.
  • Anti-inflammatory

*We are Certified Naturally Grown which means we use organic and environmentally sustainable growing methods, and only use OMRI supplemental products. 

Grown locally right here in Tucson in a climate/humidity controlled, indoor environment in a separate building dedicated to growing microgreens, to ensure the very highest quality and purity of our microgreens.

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