All About Microgreens

Microgreens are superfoods! The University of Maryland studied the nutrients of microgreens compared to their mature counterparts. Professor Qin Wang found that a serving of red cabbage, broccoli and radish microgreens had 40 times the nutrients of their full-grown versions. Yes, 40 times more! This means you only need 1/3 of a cup of microgreens. They were so shocked that they actually conducted the experiment again and found the same results, just to be certain. Overall, out of 25 commercially grown microgreens tested, they contain anywhere from 4x to 40x more nutrients per serving. These nutrients were consistently high in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, lutein and beta-carotene. They also tend to be high in fiber, antioxidants, iron and copper.

BELOW: Dr. Qin Wang (Image Credit: Edwin Remsberg)


Watch this awesome video for detailed info on the nutritional quality of microgreens!

Video Credit: Permacrafters (Scroll to timestamp 8:37)


Microgreens can also be dehydrated using a cold dehydration process that retains 97% of their nutrients. In a hermetically sealed container, this microgreen powder has a shelf life of between 8-10 years! Once opened, they last between 1-2 months. It only takes 1/4 teaspoon to equal your daily recommended serving of 3 cups of full grown vegetables. You can add the powder to soups, salad dressing, smoothies, juice, water, or even use it as seasoning just like you would onion or garlic powder. Spicy mustards, celery, leeks, different radish and special blends make great spices! Some people use certain blends as a rub on meats, too. 

They are portable! Because you need such a small amount, you can easily bring a tiny shaker container, similar to a normal spice container, with you in your purse or even pocket when you know you'll be going out to eat or bringing your lunch to work. Such an easy way to get more nutrients into your diet! 

They keep your immune system charged up! It is always very important to keep our immune systems strong, and these superfoods are perfect for that. What a smart choice it would be adding microgreens or microgreen powder to your home-cooked meals or restaurant menus!