About Us


We are Jim & Kat Garrett, proud owners of Plant 2 Plate Micro Farm, LLC in Catalina, AZ. The main feature of our micro farm is a climate-controlled, indoor growing facility. We are Certified Naturally Grown and only use non-GMO seeds & environmentally responsible coco coir (retted coconut husk) as soil, which means our microgreens are of the highest quality. We capture our gray water & reuse it in our outdoor garden & micro orchard. We are currently rehabbing our pool to be used as an aquaponic pond to raise Tilapia & grow salad greens, which will also feed nutrients to our aquaponic raised beds for growing other healthy food like ginger & elephant garlic (coming soon)!

Certified Naturally Grown

Jim loves farming!He has a history with shamanism and this is infused into what & how we farm. We drum & meditate all over our property & in the "Grow House". We always talk to our plants & send them love & positive energy, passing that on to those that enjoy our nutrient-rich produce, as well. You can order microgreens from us now by visiting our online store at P2Pmicrofarm.com. You can also find out more about us on Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram.

We locally grow and deliver a variety of colorful and nutritious microgreens, plus some seasonal produce, for local restaurants, juice/smoothie shops, and locally owned grocers, as well as local residents. Microgreens are grown to order so our customers get the freshest microgreens possible. We encourage weekly recurring orders to ensure timely deliveries of your favorite greens and keep the freshest greens in your fridge.