Microgreen Dehydrated Powders


Introducing... (insert superhero narrator voice) "Super Powder Microgreens!" Ohhhhh yeahhh... Dehydrated Microgreen Powder is SUPER POWDERFUL!! Why are they "super powderful", you say? Because they are powdered superfoods that have a very long shelf life (8-10 years unopened) and retain the majority of their nutrients (97% typcially) when dehydrated using a cold dehydration method.

(Insert superhero narrator voice again!) "That is SUPER awesome! Annnnnd, they make eating healthy reallllly convenient!" We personally use our own powders to maintain our daily requirement of vege-nutrition, especially on days that we don't eat a fresh microgreen salad. You only need to take 1/4 teaspoon (seriously) per day to meet your requirement. You can add the powder to soups, add to smoothies, juices or even to water for your daily dose of vitamins! SO simple and convenient. You can even use certain dehydrated microgreens as spices in your cooking, either as a meat rub or as spices in your cooking. 

Remember, just 1/4 teaspoon (can you picture how tiny that is?!) equals one day's dose of the recommended daily serving of fresh vege's!  Wow! So, you get a lot of value out of each bag of our... (insert voice for last time) Super Powder Microgreens!