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Microgreens Growing Kit & 10 Day Class

Microgreens Growing Kit & 10 Day Class

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Take control of your health and have fun doing it! Growing your own microgreens using our simple, guided 10-day class series is super easy and enjoyable. Just watching them grow is pretty fun, but then you get to harvest and eat your own superfood produce! Just a warning, it's kind of an addicting experience. You'll love it so much that you'll probably end up wanting to have two kits so you can rotate your greens so you always have some available. Just saying! 

For those of you who just don't like eating vegetables or salads, you'll be thrilled to know that just 1/3 of a cup of microgreens equals a WHOLE day's serving of vege's!! That's incredible. You do not need to eat them plain or as a salad. Just add them to a burger instead of lettuce. Top off a bowl of soup with them. Our favorite is to scramble up some eggs, then top them with a little cheese and fold in some microgreens after the burner is turned off. So good! 

Our kits allow you to grow 6 different microgreens at once. We teach how to grow them through a series of step-by-step, easy-to-follow daily videos.  We take you step by step from day one (planting day) to day 10 (harvest day). Once they are grown you can eat each microgreen separately to get 1/3 cup to almost 1 whole cup (depending on the microgreen) to get in your minimum daily serving or more, or use them in a big salad for everyone to enjoy! It's easy to be healthy when you are growing superfoods in your own kitchen!

Materials Included with Kit:

Two-part growing tray set

Fabric Blackout Cover

Coco Coir Soil for one planting

6 Sets of Seeds for one planting:

Broccoli, Early Beets, Cantaloupe, Sunflower, Red Cabbage, Confetti Radish

Video Classes for 10 days: Learn how to plant microgreens, then check in with us each day after the initial planting for daily guidance with watering tips and tricks, then learn proper harvest technique on the last day!

Shipping & Returns

Ships within 3 business days. Usually arrives within 10 business days, depending on location.


Approximately 13"x8"x1.5"

Care Instructions

Watch our 10 day class video series on how to plant, water and harvest your microgreens.

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